Date and Place

June 2023 in Downtown Orillia

Celebrate You! – Please See Event Update Below

We would like to provide an update regarding our “Celebrate You!” event planned for this Saturday and loop you in on recent developments that have impacted the trajectory of the event.

Our focus with “Celebrate You!” has always been to create a safe space in which our diverse community can be celebrated and have their voices amplified. This week, our office has received strong feedback from our potential vendors and key community members that this year, more than ever, it is important and most impactful for Pride to be prioritized and proclaimed during the month of June. The feedback also notably expressed an interest in focusing exclusively on the externally planned Pride March taking place on Saturday as well as other initiatives focused more directly on Pride. In listening to community members from the groups our event was created to support, many felt that when comparing our event and the externally planned Pride March, the latter was a method of celebration and self-expression that better aligned with how they want to be represented and celebrated.

As an act of solidarity and in an effort to amplify these voices, we have made the difficult decision to step back and cancel “Celebrate You!” to allow the Pride March to be at the forefront of this weekend’s focus and to focus our efforts on promoting Pride-centric events supported and hosted by our downtown businesses this weekend and throughout the month of June. Our overarching priority through any event is to promote our businesses in Downtown Orillia, and as such, we are actively exploring alternative options for future events to allow for similar business opportunities to what would have been provided at “Celebrate You!”.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and consideration as we work together as allies and advocates to create a Downtown Orillia that is rich in celebration, diversity, and powerful community voices.